Success is a journey, not a destination.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Your path to a successful career begins at Job Corps. But what does the road ahead look like? Welcome to your Job Corps journey. 

Learn about Job Corps | Begin your application process | Prepare to join us on campus

Get settled in | Start learning and training | Begin your new path

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Learn about Job Corps

Start thinking about if Job Corps is the right fit for you and your career goals.

New opportunities begin here.

Learn more about our training, benefits and what time on campus looks like, and hear from students just like you who have already begun their journey.  Here are a few places you can start:

Take a look around.

Find the campus closest to you or take a virtual tour of any of our 120+ campuses.

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Begin your application process

Job Corps is an open-enrollment program, so you can start the application process at any time.

First, express your interest and connect with an Admissions Representative.

Express your interest and connect with Admissions Representative by filling out the MyJobCorps Express Interest Tool.

  • After expressing your interest online, you'll be connected with an Admissions Representative to determine your eligibility and help you complete the application process. Together you will discuss your interests, goals and why you want to apply to Job Corps.
  • Begin exploring what options may work best for you and your interests.
Then, start your application.

Once you're deemed eligible by your Admissions representative, you'll work with them to start your official Job Corps application.

  • Keep in mind that the application process is thorough and will require certain documentation, such as health records and school transcripts. Your Admissions Representative can answer any questions and tell you exactly what you will need, or watch this video as real Job Corps students explain.
  • After you submit your application, you can track your status online through MyJobCorps or connect with your Admissions Representative to determine your application status. 
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Prepare to join us on campus

Work with your Admissions Representative to select a career training area based on your goals and interests.

Explore career possibilities and Job Corps campuses.

Explore career possibilities and view virtual tours of all 120-plus Job Corps campuses.

  • Identify the Job Corps campus closest to you with the career training program that interests you and has openings.
  • You will work with your Admissions Representative to understand the benefits of living on a Job Corps campus or whether a nonresidential opportunity is the right fit for you.
  • After determining the right campus for you, Job Corps center staff will help you determine the date you should arrive on campus and coordinate all necessary travel arrangements. Not to worry - Job Corps covers your travel expenses.
  • Remember that you must pass a drug test upon arrival on campus. Job Corps has a zero tolerance policy, which means there will be no drugs, drug use, alcohol or violence allowed on campus at any time.
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Get settled in

Begin your path to success and develop an individualized career plan to track your achievements.

First is orientation to campus life.
Continue to explore your career options.
  • Take interest and aptitude tests to explore career areas that fit you best.
  • Visit and learn about American Job Centers and how they can support you.
Develop your career plan with MyPACE.

MyPACE (My Pathway to Achieving Career Excellence) is Job Corps' online career planning system that helps you take ownership of your future by setting and tracking your personal career pathway plan. Build an interest profile at

  • Explore high-demand career options and shadow career training areas on campus to find the career pathway that fits you best.
  • Select a Job Corps career training program that connects to your long-term career goals.
  • Develop and individualized career plan and begin tracking your achievements.
  • Visit and learn about American Job Centers and how they can support you.
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Start learning and training

Learn the skills, get the experience and earn the credentials needed to begin a career you can be proud of.

Focus on your future. We'll handle the rest.
  • You'll receive three meals a day, basic medical care and your training gear on us!
  • Get involved on campus in clubs and student leadership groups.
  • Be part of a support community, including counseling services and mentoring.
Build your academic skills.
  • Complete coursework and build academic skills.
  • Get a high school diploma or the equivalent if you don't already have one.
  • Or you can take college classes through local partnerships with community colleges.
Build your career skills.
  • Receive hands-on career technical training in high-growth industries.
  • Earn credentials that employers are looking for in new employees.
  • Get on-the-job experience through work-based learning with employers.
Build your life skills.
  • Learn life skills to help prepare for independent living.
  • Practice social and personal management skills.
  • Participate in service projects to help the community around your campus.
Build your support community.
  • On top of career training and education, Job Corps also offers many ways for you to get involved, have new experiences, meet new people and sharpen your leadership skills.
  • Specific activities will vary but by campus: but some options may include Student Government Association, dorm leadership, special interest clubs, recreation activities and intramural sports.
  • Use your time at Job Corps to take on new challenges and make meaningful connections with peers, instructors and counselors.
illustration of individuals graduating from Job Corps
Begin your new path

It's time for all of that hard work to pay off ... literally. You have lots of options as a Job Corps graduate.

Plan for life after Job Corps.
  • Practice and build your interview and resume-building skills. 
  • Match your skills and experience to the needs of employers near you. 
  • Don't forget about your individualized career plan! Make sure you've hit all your goals and continue tracking your achievements. 
  • Interested in taking your training to the next level while still in Job Corps? Apply for an Advanced Training program or college!
  • Work with dedicated staff members to plan for transition from training and living on campus to joining the workforce and living on your own. 
Graduate from Job Corps.
  • Connect with Job Corps' network of employers and resources to help you with your transition.
  • Consider taking your education to the next level. We can work with you to transfer into college programs when applicable.
  • Take your skills training into a career with the military or begin an apprenticeship program that lets you earn while you learn.
  • Sign up for Job Corps Alumni Connect to join a network of graduates across the country and stay up to date on what's happening with Job Corps.
Begin your journey.
  • We'll help you find living accommodations, transportation and family support resources through the career transitional services provided to every Job Corps graduate.
  • Stay in touch! Job Corps wants to know how you're doing, so make sure to respond to our survey requests.
The key to success begins here.

Wondering how Job Corps can help you succeed in your dream career? Check out this video of Job Corps graduates talking about just that!

Wondering how Job Corps can help you succeed in your dream career? Check out this video of Job Corps graduates talking about just that!

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from students and their parents about why Job Corps was the right decision for them.