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Your future community begins here.

Students are encouraged to live on center during their time at Job Corps. We understand this is a commitment that may not work with some current living situations; that’s why some Job Corps centers offer both residential and non-residential options for students. Regardless of where you live during your Job Corps experience, we’ll make sure to provide everything you need to succeed in your training and education goals.

Living at Job Corps

When you live at Job Corps, you can expect: 

  • Being assigned a dorm (male and female dorms are separate) and having at least one or more roommates.
  • Enjoying your breaks between classes or unwinding after a day of training by visiting the recreation center or your dorm’s common area to relax and get to know your fellow Job Corps students.
  • Access to various student organizations where you have the opportunity to be involved in activities on and off center.

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Civilian Conservation Centers

Job Corps has 24 centers that are known as Civilian Conservation Centers. These centers are operated by the Forest Service and encourage students to learn in nature and work to sustain and improve the land they live on. By embracing their natural surroundings, students at these centers are able to train in additional career fields, including wildland firefighting and forestry conservation.

Train at Job Corps. Live at home.

While there are limited nonresidential opportunities at most campuses, nonresidential Job Corps students have the flexibility to live at home while receiving the same career training and education as those who live on campus. You may want to consider enrolling as a non-res student if you are responsible for taking care of children or other family members or if you have a prior commitment (like a part-time job) that takes up your time evenings and weekends.

Campus Safety

Job Corps is committed to offering all students a safe and secure environment. Through our Zero Tolerance Student Conduct Policy, we strive to provide all students with an environment that is free from experiences of harassment, bullying, violence and drug use.