More Potential. More Possibilities.

More potential. More possibilities.

For over 60 years, Job Corps has helped young people achieve successful careers in the nation’s fastest-growing industries.

With Job Corps, students can:

the skills and resources to be successful in a career.


a high school diploma or equivalent.


in one of 10 different industries.


with a supportive community to access graduate resources and connections.

Living options at Job Corps.

We know Job Corps is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Whether you’re interested in living on center or need to stay closer to home, Job Corps has an option to fit your needs.

Residential Living
Nonresidential Living
Nonresidential Living
Civilian Conservation Centers

Job Corps has 24 centers that are known as Civilian Conservation Centers. These centers are operated by the U.S. Forest Service and encourage students to learn in nature and work to sustain and improve the land they live on. By embracing their natural surroundings, students at these centers can train in additional career fields, including wildland firefighting, urban forestry and forestry conservation.

Are you eligible?
Generally, Job Corps students:
are 16 through 24 years old
are low-income individuals
meet citizenship, residency, DACA or other approved status requirements
meet background requirements
are ready and motivated to succeed
An Admissions Services staff member can walk you through the process.
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