Helping the youth you serve.

Helping the youth you serve.

By offering free education and career training, Job Corps can help students discover new passions and purpose. Find out how we can work together to serve as that first step in helping students find a life-long career. 

You provide the support. We provide the opportunity.

School Counselors and Educators

If some of your students are struggling to graduate or have already shared that college is not the right fit for them, Job Corps offers a path forward and can provide an alternative learning and training setting with a variety of free benefits.

Job Corps...

  • Allows self-paced learning across its training areas
  • Can guide students to earning their high school diploma or equivalent
  • Will assist students in obtaining their driver’s license
Foster Care Services

If you work with young adults that are in foster care or are close to aging out of the foster care system, Job Corps can provide stability, free housing and a path forward.  

Job Corps...

  • Provides a stable living situation with on campus living
  • Encourages positive student life on campus through clubs, healthy meals and more
  • Automatically qualifies those who have been in the foster care system within the past six months
Services for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

If you serve young adults with unstable living situations, Job Corps offers the necessary free accommodations and benefits so that they can focus on their goals and future.  

Job Corps...

  • Provides a stable living situation with free on campus living
  • Encourages positive student life on campus through clubs, healthy meals and more
  • Offers expedited enrollment to youth experiencing homelessness
Local Supporters and Influencers 

Job Corps can be a resource to the youth you serve by helping them figure out their next step in their career and education goals. 

Job Corps...

  • Allows self-paced learning across its training areas
  • Encourages positive student life with a community full of student-run organizations and clubs
  • Connects students to a network of peers, counselors, instructors, graduates and employers.
A brighter future begins here. 

Job Corps can provide the young people you serve with the opportunity to tap into their potential and take the first step towards pursuing a career in the nation’s most in-demand industries.

With Job Corps, students can:

the skills and resources to be successful in a career.


a high school diploma or equivalent.


in one of 10 different industries.


with a supportive community to access graduate resources and connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you, or the youth you work with, may have questions. We’ve got answers. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive from supporters like you. 

What is Job Corps?

Job Corps provides free career training and education for 16- through 24-year-olds. We have over 120 campuses across the U.S. where students gain the experience needed to begin a career or apprenticeship, advance to higher education, or join the military. The best part? It’s free.

Who is eligible for Job Corps?

Low-income 16- through 24-year-olds who are U.S. citizens, legal U.S. residents, or residents of a U.S. territory, and/or are authorized to work in the United States. 


You may NOT be eligible for Job Corps if you:

  • Use drugs illegally under federal law
  • Exhibit behavioral problems that could prevent you or others from success in Job Corps
  • Have certain criminal convictions or require court supervision
  • Get the inside scoop on Job Corps eligibility or take the Eligibility Quiz.

Get the inside scoop on Job Corps eligibility.

Where is Job Corps located?

Job Corps has more than 120 campuses across the United States and Puerto Rico. Chances are, there’s one near you. Find the center closest to you.

Want to get connected with a Job Corps Center near you? 

View our 120+ locations.

Student testimonials
Nusabayah, former Job Corps Student
My counselor at Job Corps was awesome. I loved watching her help students find their way. She was always there for me throughout the challenges I faced, and she inspired me to do the same for other students.”
Allen, former Job Corps Student
At Job Corps, you may not have parents to go to; but you do have your instructors and staff. This was my first experience with people truly taking care of me, and they became like a second mother and father. They molded me into the adult and professional I am today.”
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